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Scientific Journals Summarized

We've built a library of easily digestible summaries sourced from dozens of scientific journals and academic papers.

Get the most important information in a flash, whether you’re a professional, a curious mind, or looking for information on a medical condition.

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Featured 3-min Digests

What Makes our Content Different

Fast facts for better decision-making.

Each summary is simply-written but committed to scientific integrity and accuracy.

Structured for easy reading, summaries are co-authored by real-world scientists and always link the reference source material.

Summaries are designed to be read In 3 minutes or less.

How we Create our 3-min Digests

Our editorial team transforms each summary into easy-to-read, bite size texts without losing any of the facts.

We commission experts to gather evidence around a topic from the world's most trusted scientific journals and academic papers.

They create an accurate summary of the research across multiple papers.




What Science Topics We Cover

Covid-19 & Vaccines

Climate Change

Cancer Research

Renewable Energy

Mental Health & Mindfullness


Technology and Society

Sleep Science

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Gender-Specific Health

Fertility & IVF

What Our Readers Are Saying

"My grandma was suspicious of the Covid-19 vaccine so I sent her a summary of the safety testing and she felt much safer getting it. This is literally a lifesaver." - Jessica M.

 "As a policy leader it's important for me to understand the facts and research so I can advocate for the best policy for my constituents". - Alex B.

"I have a chronic condition and Sparrho has really helped me understand the research being conducted on my disease." - James F.


Fighting Truth Decay

Trust in our current sources of information is at a record low. At the same time demand for dependable evidence-based content and experts has never been higher. This is why we believe the timing for a proposition like ours is at a critical tipping point. 

Get the information, skip the jargon.

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