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What others are saying about Sparrho

"We've enjoyed working with Sparrho to improve the visual appeal of our researchers’ papers on our websites, encouraging more people to dive deeper into our work. Research department websites are not often the easiest to navigate and manage, but Sparrho pinboards give us a simple way to present collections of papers beautifully, and visitors are treated to an intuitive interface that allows them to explore our science."

Dr Marianne BakerCommunications Manager, Barts Cancer Institute

"I find the 3-minute digests really useful and interesting, especially now that I’m a young mum. It’s really great to get the idea straight away without being bogged down by the detail. I have my own research field, but am interested other scientific research too and sometimes the language can be complex to understand. Thanks to the Digests, I can absorb the news a lot quicker and easier."

Elizabeth ThomasPhD candidate, Monash University

"Sparrho provides me with more focused results and I like that very much. In comparison, Google Scholar has a limited capability to suggest stuff that might be interesting for you, so I’m enjoying its recommendation function. I like the idea that once I’ve registered and created a pinboard, it will start recommending me relevant papers based on my searches and interests."

Mikolaj SchmidtPostdoctoral Researcher, Macquarie University