Dr.Gazmend Nure

I am passionate about my work, highly organized, results-oriented, an excellent communicator

Science is the tool I use to understand the world around me. It provides logic and sense and order in what might otherwise seem chaotic.When I was little, I asked “why.” “Why is the sky blue?” My parents root their answers in science. The sky is blue due to the way light is scattered in the atmosphere. Science is also the light that keeps us out of the dark ages. It may not solve all of our problems, but it usually shows us the path to the solutions.


Guest Researcher ( Postdoc.)


Ph.D , Agricultural University of tirana, PostDoc Brigham Young Uhta USA, PostDoc Freie University Berlin Gernamy

Research areas

Banking system, sustainable financial, SMe management


Freie University Berlin/ Finance , Accounting and Taxation institute