Catherine Cochrane

I originate from Auckland, New Zealand and moved to Melbourne, Australia to complete a PhD, which involves putting a stop to the Big C!

I am a passionate PhD researcher actively involved in the field of Paediatric Cancer Research. As a Cancer Research Scientist, I constantly crave positive results and breakthroughs in the lab. Even though these are hard to come by and experiments can go completely wrong at times (sometimes it feels like all the time), this doesn't stop me from giving up my experiments and research! Outside of the lab, I like attending dance classes (jazz ballet) to unwind and escape from negative results in the lab, reading nerdy Harry Potter fanfiction and going out for delicious meals with friends. After my PhD thesis is accepted, which shall hopefully happen mid 2018, I'm planning on travelling across South East Asia and Europe for a good couple of months, before becoming a real adult and becoming a legit Post-Doctoral Cancer Researcher.


PhD Student


BSc (Hons)

Research areas

Cancer Biology, Developmental Biology, Hedgehog Signalling, Cell Signalling


Hudson Institute of Medical Research and Monash University