Jeroen Bastiaans

Through supervision of graduate and undergraduate students, taking leadership positions in committees and societies, and by attending a broad range of extracurricular courses and classes, I developed myself as a driven and career oriented research scientist with a high interest in ophthalmic research. I easily connect and communicate with others and can clearly present complex ideas and results. This eases my path on become an independent and respected research scientist.

I like to combine an exciting and challenging career with an exciting and challenging personal life. As a professional I love to contribute to human welfare. Besides work I love to experience life to the fullest. Traveling the world, enjoying different cuisines, visit comedy shows and spend time with my family and friends. "You don't always get what you wish for . You get what you work for! No excuses. No limits!" - Redouan Ait Chitt


Postdoctoral research scientist



Research areas

HSPGs bind CRB1 and thereby contribute to photoreceptor polarity


Columbia University