Sheikh Mohamed

I am a Post-Doctoral researcher who is passionate about exploring the exciting new possibilities that nanotechnology offers in the field of healthcare. With a keen focus on diagnostics and therapy of hard to treat cancers, I wish to contribute my knowledge and expertise to finding promising detection and treatment options for cancer.

The endless possibilities that nanotechnology provides, invokes a sense of curiosity of all the wonders this technology can promise in a myriad of healthcare related fields. Its fun to play with something you cannot see with the naked eye, at the same time gives a sense of immeasurable pride when considering what these tiny nanosize particles can accomplish. Let me tell a short story, the story of a tiny nanoparticle on a mission to kill cancerous cells. Imagine a tiny system, carrying a chemotherapy drug, traversing its way through the body, in search of its target- a tumor, hiding safely under cover of normal tissues, but not safe enough for our tiny warrior. The tiny nanoparticle locates the tumor, penetrates to its inner core and releases its cargo of anticancer drugs to destroy the tumor, at times beaming its location and even ready to burn on certain laser stimuli to give the tumor a heat-shock that it never expected. All the time making sure not to damage the nearby cells and tissues, clearly demarcating friend from foe. Seems like a fairytale? This is what I do, and what tens of thousands of researchers like me do round the clock, around the world. What drives people like me? The relentless search for a cure for cancer, for a cure for the sufferings of millions of people regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnicity. I wish to contribute my knowledge and learn from others in this regard and march with our tiny warrior nanoparticle on the mission towards a cancer-free society.


Post Doctoral Researcher



Research areas

Efficient, Safe and Reliable Treatment Options for Cancer Through Nanotechnology


Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre