Chigozie Uzoh

I’ m a Chemical Engineer with expertise in Polymer Chemistry, Coating and Process System Engineering/Optimization. I have published a number of research articles in different ISI-indexed Journals. I’m a very dynamic and skilled researcher with excellent analytical and problem solving skills and strong aptitude for conducting research related to our current needs. I’m passionate and willing to collaborate with researchers working in related/similar fields.

I am a Researcher and Lecturer in the Dept of Chemical Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria. I have M.Eng (2013) and PhD (2017) all in Chemical Engineering. I developed an innovative approach to model the polycondensation reactions kinetics. Model validations and verifications were done with different alkyd reactions, under realistic conditions. The results were found to be more reliable when compared with the conventional approach. Presently, there is no model that seems to be more accurate than this facile approach. I also developed a novel approach that guarantees the decrease in alkyd resin production cost. The major hindrances to industrial alkyd resin production are their relative high solvent content and economic viability. Optimal routes to achieve high quality resin economically were established via experimental process design. The result is very significant to coating industry. I synthesized and characterized alkyd resin from oil extracted from different plant seeds; used experimental process design to demonstrate sustainable production route powered by materials of regenerative resources. Specifically, I established that 1 molecule of auto-oxidative drying alkyd resin can be synthesized from 2/3 molecule of palm kernel stearin (PKS) and 1/3 molecule of rubber seed oil (i.e. one unsaturation per molecule). The result is very important for valorization of waste palm stearin to useful coating material. A surrogate model for the conversion of acid functional group in the alkyd reactor was equally developed on the basis of empirical third-order rate model and sinusoidal function. I have contributed tremendously to a broad understanding of novel materials for coating application as evidenced from my publications in numerous ISI indexed journals. Response surface methodology was applied for the first time in alkyd resin polyesterification process by me. The overall process efficiency was improved through; lower investment costs (more efficient and easy to execute),lower operating cost


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Development of ethyl levulinate as alternate diesel fuel additive from biomass


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