Olugbenga Odukanmi

I am currently conducting research in the areas of metabolism, gastrointestinal functions and inflammation, and I have publications in peer reviewed journals, both local and international. I am passionate about research on gastrointestinal functions. My current research is to investigate effects of dietary plants and supplements on certain gastrointestinal functions, such as motility, digestion and absorption. I have acquired basic skills in both animal and human experiments. I possess a number of skills that are necessary in research and teaching. I am quite passionate about research in the area of gastrointestinal functions and my experience as a trained medical doctor has taught and helped me to appreciate the importance of research in this particular area.

I am a self-motivated, hardworking and sober minded individual who is flexible to work in team settings and also have an ability to think and work independently.


Lecturer/Postdoc applicant



Research areas

Effect of dietary supplement, heavy metals on experimental gastric ulcer, colitis andgastrointestinal motility and secretion, inflammation and roles of reactive oxygen species


University of Ibadan