Mithun Das

I am Mithun Das, currently a doctoral candidate at the La Trobe University, Australia pursuing research in the area of infection and immunity. I have completed my Master of Science in Experimental Medicine from the McGill University, Canada and Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering from Khulna University, Bangladesh.

Being an active member in the area of medical research, I am passionate in answering research questions related cellular and molecular biology of the diseases and thus enhance my professional research skills. I am eager to pursue my career in the area of health research leading to a professional career with an emphasis in my area of my interest. My particular area of interest is infection and immunity. In brief, how the host regulates immune responses to the infections and in other diseased conditions is very complex and therefore interesting. Understanding of the immune cellular regulation is necessary at the cellular and molecular level to be able to decode the inability of some cells to resist infections and other diseases. Although research is my main passion, I do enjoy traveling to new places and learn about diverse cultures. I love playing different kind of sports such as chess, football, cricket, tennis, badminton, etc.


Ph.D. student


Master of Science

Research areas

Deciphering the immune responses of major brain cells following viral infections


La Trobe University