Oluwasegun A. MULEMORA

Oluwasegun A. Mulemora- (Director General). Sir. Olusegun Akinbonja Mulemora, is a seasoned Industrial consultant, and manufacture, he has traveled worldwide but locally and internationally, he started his career with Group commercial et Industry in Belgium as project coordinator, he is a graduate in Chemistry Science, Federal University of Technology, Minna. A Theologian of Christ International College of Ministry- with Dip in theology (Living sprig chapel church), A Industrial & laboratory Researcher, CEO Seakat Global Resources, Chief Inspectorate Seakat Science & Industrial Laboratory, Proprietor-Seakat Vocational Institutes, CEO-Seakat Beauchamp Incorporation, CEO- Mulemora Farm, Coordinator Mulemora Action Group, a politician, and philanthropist. He served as the first Oyo State President- Reformed Youth Alliance for four years, a man of many parts he lecture in International and National Conferences. He join polities in 1995 as a party local government chairman with Late Lamidi Ariyibi Adedibu of Ibadan and later, in 2011 he contested for House of representative in Ido/Ibarapa federal constituency Ibadan Oyo State. He is the originator and a member Board of Trustee of Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria. He is an indigen of Isua Akoko in Akoko South East Local Government of Ondo State, born to the family of Late Com Theophilus Atere Mulemore JP and Rev. Prophetess (Mrs) Cecilia Fehintola Mulemora nee Ayodele JP, Married with kids.Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria. A registered Group of Manufacture as an Association with Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria.(Reg:79862). Introduction. The Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria has emerged as a major player in the life of Small and Micro Scale Manufacturing and to improve on Made in Nigeria Products, uniting independent small scale Manufacturers under a common umbrella to build credibility, promoting and developing of Nigerian Made Products as sub sector with a special focus on the rural manufacturing sector and the informal sector in other to achieve exportation of products, franchising of products, and financial inclusion. Our Members are cottage industries in rural & remote geo graphical zone, leveraging on their proximity to locally made products as a cottage industry. Status. ACIN is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs) Incorporated under the perpetual Succession Act Cap 98 of the Allied Maters in Corporate Affairs Commissions in Nigeria, It is a duly registered Trade union under Federal Ministry of Labour & Productivity. Our activities are regulated by Small & Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), with affiliation to American University of Nigeria, Association of Non-bank Microfinance Institute. Our microfinance Institute unit has fully registered with CRC Credit Bureau Limited. We have our National Headquarters in Abuja and Regional offices in Ondo, Niger, Adamawa, Abia, Cross river and Sokoto, and state agents offices will be opened in each states by the association nationwide. The Association is recognized by International and National Agency, ACIN has a nation-wide network of member industry. Its day-to-day operational and organizational activities are conducted by the National Executive Secretary who reports to the National Executive Council. The general direction, policies and goals are set by the Board of Trustees, Governing Council and Advisory Council the frontline managers are carefully recruited professionals, expertise and collective experience add a uniqueness to the ACIN Brand. Philosophy. Our philosophy is self-help to the top and teaching Nigerians how to fish instead of been given fishes. This has led to the development of a network of small & medium scale industries. The ACIN network has become functionally effective, economically independent as a major player in the small scale manufacturing with a specific focus on the informal sector of the Nigerian economy. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES. 1. To encourage and promote the habit of savings among members by accepting saving deposit from member. 2. To create a socio-industrial economic system that will promote Nigerian Made Products with the aims of improving the Economy. 3. To grant loans to members with genuine farming and manufacturing purpose and emergency case (determined by the Governing Council) follow by reasonable interests rate and convenient terms repayment. 4. To modernise Cottage Industries and transform the rural lives 5. To serve as innovator and pace setter in production practices. 6. To serve as training ground for democracy and development. 7. To invest in chemical selling, agriculture, commerce, industries and manufacturing. 8. To improve the competitive position of small-scale producers. 9. To build an Industrial Market in each Area and organise an International Marketing Plan as outlet for members. 10. To have power to accept regular contribution from members. 11. To own micro Finance Institute/Microfinance Bank or a commercial Bank. 12. To obtain loans from finance institutions, other individual fro the attainment of the above objective. 13. To assist in Exportation of members products in between the ECOWAS and the rest of African Countries through the Association’s International Concept Programme. 14. To co-operate with Federal, State and Local Government in all areas in generating revenue to the Government and the Association. 15. To look into the challenges that are associated with the Members industries and so as to proffer solutions. 10. To enable and enlarge the members work towards the progress of the Association. Vision. Empowering household manufactures and to improve Nigerian Made Products to International Standards. Mission. The mission of this Association is to preach and solicit support to improve and promote Nigerian Made Products for home consumption and export and to improve the capabilities of members' Cottage Industries for the purpose of achieving sustainable development and profitable production without threat to life and property with efficiency. TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP. • Associate Membership. • Full Membership. • Fellow Membership. • Honorary Membership. Legacy. To be remembered as one of the organizations that played a key role in Nigerian made Productions and development in eradicating sub standard products and also in restoring the glory of Nigeria thus building Nigeria into the 21st Century and beyond when we make history of our development in Nigerian Made Products. Specialized Products with NAFDAC Reg No By all Members. Bee-keeping, Bee wax, Snail rearing, Fish Farming, Poultry Farming, Moringa Tree Cultivation, Grass-Cutter, Goat Farming, Pig Farming, Vegetables farming, Quail Eggs and birds, Laundry / Bar soap, Toilet soap, Balm, Herbal soap, Candle, Detergent, Pomade, Hair Cream, (Adire) Textile Design, Yoghurt, Cola drink, Ice Cream, Malta drink, Pineapple drink, Mango juice, Orange drink, Chocolate drink, Emulsion paint, Text-cote paint, Insecticide, Disinfectant, Food & Cash crop Farming and many more. Overall Goal. 1. To be identified by similar Trademark, Service mark, Trade name, NAFDAC Number, different Bach number through our laboratory. (SISL). 2. We advertise together and we have a commercial symbol. 3. We also maintain continual assistance or control over our Products being a franchisee's method of operation. 4. We do not limit our scope to just a trade group, Promotional activities, Management, Marketing plan, quality standards or business affairs, we also give significant assistance to the franchisee and receives payments, usually in the form of royalties, annual level and other fees from the franchisee. 5. To establish a microfinance institution for the betterment of small scale industries to source for fund without threat to lives and properties. 6. Establishment of insurance policy, Laboratory for sustainability and quality control of members’ industries and products for export. Strategic Focus. ACIN strategic focus are driven by three specified goals 1. To provide a viable platform which will promote small and medium scale manufacturing. 2. The Association was established for Cottage Industrialists that specialize on Quail, Snail, Ostrich, Antelope, Fish Farming and Printing Technology (screen printing), Animal husbandry, Horticulture, Soap making, Cosmetics, Textile Design (Adire), House Paint Production, Beverages, Cash and Food crops farming, Carpentry among host of others throughout the Nation. 3. The Association will be organizing its members at grass-root for Economic development with the aims of moving this country from predominantly a Civil Service Economy to an Intermediate Industrial Economy thus making this Country a trail-blazer in Africa via Nigeria Made Products. Activities 1. Subscribing for Membership status of ACIN after training. 2. Opening a savings Account by the Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute, which is our (Thrift & Loan company), for member to run the account with their ATM, for their equity Contribution, Savings of maximum of 20% equity contribution for any loan. 3. Opening a Current account for loan disbursements with any Commercial Bank approved in each State. 4. ACIN National or State Corporate Account serves as Funds recycling, and Loan recovery among the members of the association will be by strict supervision of Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute and Seakat Technology International Resources Ltd. 5. Approvals and Recommendations of members’ products will be through ACIN laboratory, Seakat Industrial & Science Laboratory for export and also to be marketed by ACIN. 6. The Savings account with our Microfinance Institute (CIMI) will serve as the channel or Laon Repayment link to the National Account. 7. Loan Refunds starts after (3) three months from the issuance date, (3) Three months grace period and the loan obtained must be refunded in every fifteen working days, splitter into (9) nine months to be (12) months with 7% single digit Loan. 8. Operating and identifying with an insurance company that has given us a policy that covers the Life, Loan. 9. Outreaches to all LGAs; inviting intending and existing Cottage Industrialists for participation. Programmes and Activities. ACIN believes in improving on Locally Made Products through the use of the following Training & Scheme:- #. Industrial Technology Development Training and Seminar. #. Capacity building, Networking & Finance linkage. #. Agro-Allied, Food & Cash Crop Storage, Animals Husbandry training. #. Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute (Microfinance Institution), #. ACIN International Global Ltd (Trade name, Exporting/Marketing &NAFDAC), #. ACIN Ensure Concept (Insurance). #. ACIN Printing & Packaging Concept. #. ACIN Multi Level Marketing Plan (ACIN Networking Marketing). ACIN Network Strategy. ACIN has over 3000 members cottage industries spread across the 36 state of Nigeria, plus federal capital territory, our networking strategy is predicated on ACIN’s deep understanding of the rich culture, religious and social-political diversity of Nigeria. Rather than pursuing a “one-shoe-fit-all” programming approach, diversity and our multiple differences are taken into consideration. Strategic Plan. ACIN’s strategic plan is to improve on the Nigerian made products, eradicating substandard products by providing access to quality trainings, creating more jobs, and imbibing the spirit of start small and then think big. History. ACIN is a Child of circumstances, borne out of the need to successfully tackle the abandonment of legitimate Industrialists. ACIN is a pet project of Seakat Global Resources, and Oyo State Shipper’s Association since 2010, this company has been organizing Industrial Technology Training from one community to another. But research by the Board of Directors shows there is no development in the training, and that manufactures need more than that if we must place Nigerian made Products priority and to also eradicate substandard products and poverty. So a research committee was constituted by the organization and the association was established as a result of the research. In the bid to eradicate poverty, substandard product and to establish an organization after the Manufacture Association of Nigeria(MAN), that will be making used of the end products of the association , to create more jobs for Nigeria and attract more investors into the country, with all these problems the group chairman and the board introduced the Association in Oyo state with support from Oyo State Shippers Association and Oyo State government in 2015. Then we introduce this Association and the Board of Trustee was appointed. A Constitutional Committee and Governing Council was set up and the Association was registered by a guarantee known as Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria and the Association was fully registered in 2015. Structure. This association is structured into Seven (9) stages, Board of Trustee, Governing Council, Advisory Council, National Executive Council, Regional Council, Area(State) Executive Council, Auxiliary (Local Government) Council. District(Ward) Council and the Cluster group of 25 in each group. Approach. The Association has given approval to Seakat Vocational Institute as the Training consultant and Seakat Science & Industrial Laboratory as our Laboratory Consultant. We have established a Microfinance Institute- Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute(CIMI) for thrift and Loan to our members and the general public. This Association is charged with the responsibility to Protect the Interests of Members in Setting up their Cottage Industries, to eradicate sub Standard Products and to also use the Cottage Industries as source of Revenue and Economic Development in Nigeria. Cottage Industries need Four things:- Insurance, Bank, Industrial Laboratory and Marketers to be a standard Cottage Industries, all these make the Association the best of its kinds using Cottage Industries to eradicate kidnapping, Child trafficking, terrorism, thuggery and all sorts of social vices emanating from idleness of hands and minds. Branding Strategy. This Association Products are identified by similar Trademark, Service mark, Trade name, NAFDAC Number, different batch numbers through the laboratory, we advertise together and we have a commercial symbol. We also maintain continuous assistance or control over our Products being a franchisee’s method of operation, and not limited to this as a Non Governmental Organization, we are also into Promotional activities, Management, Printing and packaging of products, Marketing plan, quality control and standard business affairs. We give significant assistance to the franchisee and receive payments, usually in form of royalties and fees from the franchisee. Preferred solution to SMEs. Development of the SMEs sub-sector is lagging among all other sectors in the Nigerian economy. SMEs as a sub-sector are the real people, individuals facing daily struggles just to get enough to eat, many youth are facing limited opportunities because of their education, gender, culture, religious and political affiliations and these are the future of the country that are already being mortgaged. With this, ACIN is using cottage industries as a source to eradicate and uplift the standard of living and the economy of this country. Sustainability Strategy. ACIN is cultured to impact the principle of how to fish instead of been given fish, for a meal has been inculcated in the apex structure, and all ACIN cluster groups are individual industry. Cluster group include individual industries, and under the ACIN umbrella they will be able to sustain themselves and create jobs after acquiring new or enhanced skills from us. BENEFITS ARE AS FOLLOWS:- Cluster group capacity building, Individual Industrial Technology Training, establishment training, supplies of Industrial Chemicals, Accessories and Machines, Packaging, access to make use of the Association NAFDAC and Trade mark through our laboratory as the regulatory body, sourcing funds for expansion through Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute(CIMI) these approaches are the basis for sustainable project to grass root to improve Nigerian Made product for exportation and to eradicate poverty and its vices. OUR PARTNER & AFFILIATION. ACIN has strategic alliances and partnership with the following organization, public institution, federal government, Finance institution recognized for excellence: 1. Association of Non-bank Microfinance Institution of Nigeria. 2. Skye Bank Plc & Union Bank Plc. 3. American University of Nigeria. 4. Seakat Vocational Institute. 5. Seakat Industrial & Science Laboratory. 6. Small & Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria(SMEDAN). 7. Total Security Insurance Broker Ltd– TSB. 8. Nigerian Shipper’s Association. 9. ACIN Ensure Concept and ACIN Global Concept Ltd. 10. Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute.(CIMI). 11. National Chambers of Commerce, Maine and Agriculture. 12. Federal Ministry of Labour & Productivity. 13. Federal Ministry of Woman Affiance & Social Development. 14. Federal Ministry of Commerce Trade & Investment. 15. Nigerian Export Promotion Council. MANAGEMENTS. ACIN has highly skilled and experienced Board of Trustee Members, Governing council, Advisory Council, National Executive Council, Area Executive Council and Staffs who over the years have carved a niche for themselves as being highly responsive and committed to the needs of the Franchise Members and the General Publics. CORPORATE LEADERSHIP. The task of moving ACIN forward resides on the shoulder of the following individuals whose personal and collective efforts have propelled ACIN into eminence:- BOARD OF TRUSTEES DR AKIN E.Z.OLOOWOKERE. Chairman OLUWASEGUN AKINBONJA MULEMORA. Director General. ALHAJI MUNIRU OLADAYO. Member. MRS ONYINYECHI ODONTA. Member. MR MATTHEW A. OMBUGAKU Member. GOVERNING COUNCIL. Abel Mark Asachaya Chairman GC. Chief Isaac L. Olanipekun Member. Tito Harrison Member. PROJECT STRUCTURE AND STRATEGY: 1. Training participant in Industrial Technology Training & Seminar, Food & Cash Crop, Animal husbandry, Agro allied Farming in theory and Practical demonstration. 2. Loan (revolving loan scheme) will be given to participant after fully registered and met with all the criteria of our microfinance institute (CIMI) and the Association for the loan. 3. Indirectly, a great number and their families will benefit across the country. The overall economic activities will improve within the National geographical trading areas of Nigeria triggering the “multiplier” effect. 4. To raise the capital investment level of Nigerians who are into production of Nigerian Made Products, in empowering participant to: a. Sustain their trading venture b. Reduce the poverty level of families c. Contribute to the establishment of viable Poverty Eradication Mechanisms within their Local Government and the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) area of Nigeria. In which after the training each participants will become automatic Franchise Member of the Association and automatically have an account with CIMI-Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute, this give the privileged to soft Loan of (N200,000:00\N1,000,000) Two Hundred Thousand to One million Naira only in cash to only financial member. Other opportunities to benefit as a Franchise member include distribution from the Association Marketing Company (ACIN Marketing Concept). The availability of Chemicals/Machine for sale at all locality of operation of the Association, all members will be given professional assistance at the commencement of their production at the First, Second and Third stage. As a Franchise member, they will have the opportunity to make use of the Association, Trade Mark, Laboratory and NAFDAC number on their Products and the Association will be marketing their products through the Association Marketing Company (ACIN Marketing Concept), and Organise Trade Show for them, Building of Trade Centre as outlet for them in each State will follow. Also assist in the exportation of their product to other African countries by the Association. Focus: Educate, train to eradicate substandard products and to improve the Nigerian Made Products and industrialists in Nigerians to enable them participate in the socio-economic activities of Nigeria. Criteria for Soft Loan from Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute CIMI. To be eligible for loan under this scheme, a member MUST 1 Have 5% of the total loan amount as their Investment into the Association National Account. 2 To have One month membership with minimum Savings of 20% in his/her Account with our microfinance institution as collateral. 3 Have a permanent address and living within his or her State. 4 Be a productive Franchise Member of this Association. 5 Be willing to receive training on the scheme through our Laboratory for quality and Standard products. 6 Provide an acceptable guarantor from the State Civil servant and a Member for the loan to be received. 7 Open an Account with our microfinance institution. 8. Insuring the Loan with our Insurance Department, ACIN Ensure Concept. 9. Be willing to sign a Contract Agreement with ACIN & our microfinance institute CIMI(Loan Bond) which will be binding on CIMI and the Association’s member during the period of the Loan: The period of the loan being the date the money is received and with Three months grace Period from that date. 10. Becoming a member of the Association with Minimum of Five Thousand to Fifteen thousand Naira (N5,000 to N15,000) instead of N65,000 in our Constitution for more members. 11. Willing to Invest in the Association microfinance Institution by buying the Shares. PROJECT AIMS AND OBJECTIVES. a To awaken and sensitize the Federal Government to the importance of empowering and Exploring Cottage Industries as a Spring Board for economic development. b. To identify and highlight the challenges of Cottage Industries empowerment with a view to proffering solutions. c. To critically x-ray issues of economic development at the grass root with Cottage Industries as the focal point and emphasis on problems, Structures, Factors, and Case studies of other developed Countries economy. d. To provide a platform for interactive session between Professionals, Administrators, politicians, Bankers, Technocrats and map out strategies on placing Cottage Industries at the cock pit of the Economic Development of the country. e. To strengthen the political will power of the Federal & State Government to adopt and implement this important Economic Development Strategy Programme. f. To build an Industrial Trade Centre in each State and show case the ACIN Franchises and Industrial Trade shows outlet for members. g. To modernize Cottage industries and transform the rural lives. h. To serve as innovator and Pace setter in production practices. i. To curb economic monopolies in our society. j. To assist members with loan of low interest through the support from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Bank of Industry (BoI) our Investors by CIMI-Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute. ABOUT THE PROJECT . 1. Industrial Technology Training & Seminar for the General public in different skills e.g. Snail Farming, Fish Farming, Grass-Cutter Farming and Muringer Tree Cultivation, Pig Farming, Vegetable Farming, Poultry farming, Food & Cash Crop Farming, Goat Farming, Quail Farming, Soaps, Cosmetics, Adire Making, House Paint Production, Juice Production,, Beverage Production. 2. To produce the training manual & training DVD in our three (3) local languages e.g. Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa from English 3. To assist each Financial Member with soft loan worth of Accessories /Machine and chemical and cash with the support from the Association Micro finance -Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute, Insured by ACIN Ensure Concept managed by Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria. 4. Organizing a quarterly Industrial Market Trade Show in each State for Member as outlet. 5. Assist in Exporting the Member’s product to other African countries through the ACIN Global Concept Ltd. 6. Assist members with ACIN Trade Mark and NAFDAC approval through the laboratory Seakat Industrial & Science Laboratory and assist with the Evaluation, Batch Numbers and Analyzing their products. Background Information Name of Organisation: Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria International Details: 159 Ham Park Road, Forest Gate, London, E79LE Telephone: + 44 (794) 6414751 Email: info@cottageindustrialists.org Website: www.cottageindustrialists.org International contact person: Com. Taiwo Fasanya (International Coordinator) Mobile: Nigeria Contact Details Federal Capital Territory: Sir. Oluwasegun A. Mulemora Director General Telephone: +2349098221733 Address: Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria Head Office:- Reg-CAC/IT/No.79862. 12. Plot 51, Ubiaja Cr escent Opp. CBN Snr Staff Qtrs,Off Oladoke Akintola Boulevard, Garki 2, FCT, Abuja. Telephone: 09098221733, 08066571776 Whatsapp: 08138280283. E-mail: info@cottageindustrialists.org. Website: cottageindustrialists.org. External Auditor:- Mrs Adelabu Kafilat Adekemi. Telephone: +2348034126887 Head Office K’lab Auditing Firm & Co. Address: Plot 3 Block 8 Oluyole Extention, Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria E-mail: littlepuchy@yahoo.com Regional Office, Adamawa State. Abel Mark Asachaya Documentation, Counseling, Award and Social Welfare Development (CASW). Address: Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria 4, Ibadan, street, behind Jimeta Shopping Complex, Yola North, Adamawa State. Regional Office, Niger State. Head office of Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute( CIMI). Address: Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria Old unity Hospital Building, Kpakungu, Bida road Minna Niger State. Regional Office, Ondo State. Raw Material & Machine Development (RMMD). Address: Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria. Regional Office, Abia State. Industrial Research and Development (DIRD). Address: Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria Umahia, Abia State. Regional Office, Kano State. Export, Marketing Entrepreneurial Development (EMED). Address: Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria kano State. Regional Office, Cross River State. Construction, Commerce and Industrial Development (CCID). Address: Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria Calaba Cross-river State. Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute. (CIMI). Head Office:- Address: # Old unity Hospital Building, Kpakugu, Bida road Minna, Niger State. Tell: 08066571776. Non-Governmental Organisation registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission. Nigeria with office nationwide. Date of Formation: August 7, 2015.




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