Arthur Shapiro

My name is Arthur Shapiro, a PhD student at the faculty of chemistry at the Technion-Israel institute of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Efrat Lifshitz. When I started my Bachelor's degree I encountered many obstacles and didn't imagine that one day I will start a PhD, what today seems to me so natural. Besides science sport is an integral part of my life.

I deal with nano particles and I like to create such a tiny objects with unique features due to their dimensions. As a chemist I have a great influence and control on the final product. I am amazed when I am taking my particles to electronic microscope and see what I have synthesized with ability to see single atoms.


PhD student


Synthesis of different colloidal quantum dots (core, core/shell, etc.) and perovskites (such as: CsPbBr3), AFM, absorption, emission, HRTEM, Raman-Spectroscopy, XRD, EDX. Permission to work in the clean rooms, especially gold evaporator is used. Preparation of films by: spin-coater, drop-casting and dip-coater. Exposure to additional methods: FTIR, XPS, STM, ICP, and DLS.

Research areas

Synthesis of stable colloidal quantum dots, which are active in the NIR-SWIR regimes (PbS,PbSe, etc.), including their characterization in different methods (absorption, emission, HRTEM, etc.).


Technion-Israel Institute of Technology