Zhengping Zhou

I am a postdoc working in the Department of Chemistry at Virginia Tech. I received my recent Ph.D. in Materials and Nanotechnology (2014) from North Dakota State University.

As a young postdoctoral researcher, my overall research performance at South Dakota State University and Virginia Tech in the last two year is Excellent. In the past few years, I have participated in the successful research of several federally funded projects (by NSF/NASA/DOE) in the directions of energy conversion and storage devices (supercapacitors, solar cells and li-ion batteries), polymer synthesis and nanomaterial manufacturing, mechanics of carbon nanofibers, self-healing polymer nanocomposites, and oil/water filtration. As a result, I have grasped substantial knowledge and skills relating energy conversion and storage, advanced nanocomposite technologies, polymer synthesis and nanomanufacturing, and nanomaterial characterization. Additionally, I am modest, honest person in study and research and is easy to communicate with. I am very good at working within a research team. My knowledge in materials science, academic background and research skills will make me successful materials scientist in the near future. Moreover, I am also very active in building a comfortable student community to national and international students for better life and study. For instance, I am always willing to work as volunteer to orientate and ship for new international students, which greatly facilitates the life of new students.


Postdoctoral Associate



Research areas

Controlling the Pore Size of Mesoporous Carbon Thin Films through Thermal


Virginia Tech/Chemistry