Regina DiScipio

My research interest started with quantitative analysis of contaminant estrogens in water systems, moved to the intrinsic photodynamic properties of solar cell and now using ultrafast transient absorption spectroscopy on a class of biomolecules (pterins) to gain insight into their reactivity in their native systems.

I'm interested in ecological/environmental chemistry and conservation, the physics of solar power collection devices and am deeply curious in particle physics and the exact nature of the natural laws that govern the universe (admittedly, the last one hasn't played into my professional development). I enjoy working with my hands (for example, I knit, cook, sew, chainsaw, can do some construction like dry-walling and some gardening). I've been involved in wine making, beer bottling, Lamplighter's Italian-American social club, theater productions, an orchestra, a fledgling collegiate "problem-solving club," and the American Chemical Society: Cleveland Chapter.


Graduate Student



Research areas

Ultrafast Broadband Transient Absorption Spectroscopy


Case Western Reserve University