Michael Stone

Third (going into fourth) year PhD student from Southern California, studying in the Midwest.

My long-term research goals are to explore and understand the relationship between micro and macronutrients and various biological and physiological stresses (e.g. CVD, hypertension, osteoporosis, etc.) primarily in human clinical models. I am also interested in examining how some physiological stresses (e.g. physical activity, exercise) may act synergistically and paradoxically with proper nutrition/nutrients to attenuate degenerative disease progression. Personally, I enjoy weight lifting and all aspects of physical fitness in general. I also probably know more quotes to more movies than you do, and like to write creatively when I have the time.


Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant


Masters Degree in Nutrition Science, Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, PhD Candidate in Nutrition Science

Research areas

The effect of potatoes on potassium retention and vascular outcomes


Purdue University