Nilanjana Sanyal

I am someone deeply concerned about the future of a planet we all share and ought to assume moral responsibility for. I feel particularly for our children, indeed our future generations and whose rights, welfare and well-being are to be taken care of if we the 'homo sapiens' species are to achieve a more egalitarian global order free of social ferment, violence and polarisation. You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one...

I am an India-based peace activist who has travelled from being a grassroots social worker to being a published author of eight books , both fiction and non-fiction, including one published from Germany.I am strongly committed to the principles of universal love, forgiveness, tolerance, global understanding and compassion, despite an arduous life journey marked by the immense pain and suffering of a behavioral challenge and restricted travel.Most of my writings are a reflection of my principles and stem out of my deep concern about the future of a planet we all share. My work and writing has conferred on me the 'Bharat Excellence Award' New Delhi (2011), the 'Best Personalities of India Award' New Delhi (2011) & the 'Karma Veer Chakra Award' New Delhi (2012). Yes, I am a bit creative (writing, music, etc) and would very much like to use my skills to work to make a difference.


Published Author/Peace Advocate/Thinker (Differently Able)


BA (Hons) Psychology; Post Graduate Certificate in Human Rights Law; "Women Writing, Lives Changing" Certificate

Research areas

(Investigating) The Root Causes of Violence In Society & Achieving Peace


University of Delhi, INDIA; National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, INDIA; Catherine of Siena Virtual College, Ohio (United States)