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Vishal Prasad

Assistant Professor, Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development, Banaras Hindu University


Development of climate resilient beneficial soil microbes for enhancing plant productivity

The crop productivity is subjected to number of stresses and potential yields are seldom achieved with stress. The present challenges like global climate change, water and soil pollution, less water availability, urbanization etc. adds up to the situation Plants are associated with complex microbial population, which are known to promote plant growth and stress tolerance, support plant nutrition and antagonize plant pathogens. The integration of beneficial plant-microbe and microbial interactions might represent a promising solution to improve agricultural production under stressful environments with continuous global climate change. Presently I am engaged in evaluation of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria from stress affected areas like those of salinity and drought. As a long term goal I want to develop some microbial cultures which will be helpful in mitigating the negative impacts of salinity and drought in plants and give a productive yield under stressful environment without any input from synthetic chemistry making agriculture more sustainable and the overall environment free of toxicants and pollutants coming from application of synthetic chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides for enhancing crop productivity. Apart from degrading the environment these applied chemicals also produce biodiversity loss owing to their unknown effects on non-target organisms at the place of application.