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Is it possible to use computer science to create robots able to detect human behavior?

Can computer participate in human social life? 😠

In 10 seconds? Is it possible to create computers, or robots, able to automatically detect non-verbal behavioural cues, as posture, gestures and facial expressions? In a new emerging field of computing science, researchers are studying the possibility of creating algorithms able to interpret human emotions, as envy, compassion, sadness or admiration.

Don’t believe it? Even though the research on this field is still evolving, several studies and experiments on the reliability and effectiveness of “social robots” have successfully been performed. see this paper

But, aren’t robots already a reality? Of course they are, but the kind of robots already existent are, in general, machines that can perform actions following orders. The idea is to create robots able to take decisions based on human reactions, i.e. able to interact with humans. read more

Are there computing algorithms able to understand human emotions?

Yes, there are algorithms based on theory of probability— Even though creating such algorithms is a challenge, first prototypes have started to be tested. For example, using a Bayesian approach a conflict in a speech can be detected. read more

A big interest is related to social networks-Social signal processing has been applied in social network analysis to recognize the role of people in broadcast news and movies. read more

The effectiveness of computers as social actors, i.e., entities involved in the same kind of interactions as humans, has been explored - Computers have been shown to be attributed a personality and to elicit the same reactions as those elicited by persons. Children interacting with computers have modified their voice, showing adaptation patterns typical of human–human interactions. read more