3rd Year PhD student, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, The University of Manchester


The development of highly sensitive biosensor using acrylate hydrogel for detection of bacteria

This research is to develop an optical instrument, a leap wave leaking sensor (MCLW) by using acrylate-based hydrogel as a sensing layer to detect the presence of microorganisms, bacteria or derivatives for safety and health monitoring applications. Since the device is constructed using biorecognition species to perform the detection, the device is considered a biosensor allowing for rapid detection of samples at low initial concentrations by using optical signals as transducers. The description of this research relies on acrylate-based hydrogel mechanisms for strong bonding with the device and porous hydrogel properties. Because the structure of the hydrogel shaft allows the sampled sample to reach the strong point of the optical band in the sensing layer, thereby producing a better signal to the sensor. In addition, the simplicity of the sensor is designed and the stability of the device to detect at room temperature with the shortest tracking duration compared to other biosensors that make this sensor applicable for use for applications in the field. The designed sensors also involve multiple channels to enable simultaneous detection of various bacteria such as E.colli, Salmonella and S.aures to detect using a single sample analysis, thereby saving the detection time and reducing the costs. The innovation of the sensor can help the world to control the safety and health of the netizen, especially when dealing with a spectacularly portable virus such as in the airport or borderline area, thus enabling the government to stop the spreading viruses, especially from the infected and risky country. In addition, the sensor also can be implemented to monitor the quality of indoor air and potable water, detecting spoilage in the food industries, controlling contamination in fossil and nuclear power plants, wastewater treatment plants and in the military and defensive forces.