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Sizun Jiang

Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University


I study how the 3D organization of DNA in the nucleus drives developmental processes and disease

The 3D organization of DNA in the nucleus dictates different cell states. For example, that of a Stem Cell, and an Immune Cell, are vastly different. Aberrations in this 3D spatial organization can cause disease, such as in T cell lymphoma and leukemia. Current technologies to study the 3D nucleus in single cells are restricted by scale (sequencing) and size (microscopy).

To this end, we have developed a new technology, Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging (MIBI), which allows simultaneous detection of 50 parameters (versus a limit of ~3-4 currently) with spatial and super resolution. This places MIBI as a valuable addition to current technologies, with extremely high data acquisition rate, surface area scaling, parameterization, and applications to clinical specimens for the prognosis and treatment of disease.