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In today's world Global warming possesses a serious threat to mankind and society. The threat of climate change caused by rising levels of greenhouse gases from human activity has made the need for renewable sources of energy a priority. One promising method of providing green energy is artificial photosynthesis, a process that mimics mechanisms of nature. This research is about design and development of self powered carbon dioxide sensor which measures the gaseous concentration of carbon dioxide in atmosphere and also perform Co2 reduction.Carbon dioxide is a linear molecular (O=C=O),in which two oxygen atoms are covalently bonded to a single carbon atom with bond energy of 187 kcal/mole and molecular weight of 44.01g/mol. For CO2 reduction reaction optimal catalysts with high catalyzed activity, selectivity and stability needed which can be used to reduce energy consumption. Another significant part is energy used for the CO2 conversion. This energy source should be green electricity and will not generate additional CO2 in the process.It is proposed to optimize the performance of this sensor in terms of power consumption , portability, high speed response and cost.Development stages includes modeling, simulation and fabrication of this sensor. Physical and mathematical modeling are used and it is fabricated using micro/nano fabrication techniques.