A pinboard by
Taofikat Adesalu

Lecturer, University of Lagos, Nigeria


Is about microalgae which are primary producer and carbondioxide utilizer.

This micro plants can manufacturing its own food (photosynthesis)in which other organisms depend on hence they are called autotrophs . They are very relevant in all aspect of life because without these organisms manufacturing food, other food that human beings depend on may not be readily available whether on land or aquatic environment. these organisms have many potentials in medicine, agriculture, pharmacy, environment and many more. They are green patches that we see on the bricks or on our houses at times. They can be found anywhere that is moist. they are very valuable in all aspect of live as these organisms are been used for biodiesel because of their lipids content as well. The diatoms, are made up of silica (form of glass) because of this, they are also utilized for fossil records (that is to show what happened years back in an environment). These organisms are rich in Vitamins, Proteins and some have been synthesized for their various usage especially in the area of food supplements. Some of these organisms could be macroscopic e,g Porphyra, which are commonly called Seaweed and serve as food especially in Asia (Japan)