A pinboard by
Yann Gor'dan

Here at Sparrho we create collections of pinboards to show how science affects all of us everyday.


The science of space used to be merely exciting, now it's mainstream and relevant to everyday life.

The final frontier? If so, we've barely saddled up to explore it and we've certainly not encountered any natives yet. Our appetite for adventure is perhaps exceeded only by that of survival. Fortunately, the new space race speaks to the human hunger for both.

Settling Mars, the Moon and beyond - the stuff of science fiction once is our reality today. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have between them catapulted us into the commercial space age, and who wouldn't bet on a colony on Mars in 50 year.

Whilst it's unlikely we'll find life in our Solar system, we may be getting closer to finding it outside. Once the preserve of SETI and some courageous scientists, that search is now more mainstream and crosses a broad range of science disciplines.

The Fermi Paradox, or "Where are all the aliens" is still a subject of much conjecture and debate, but it's hard to argue against the efforts being made to further our knowledge and extend our understanding of the universe beyond the end of our garden.