A pinboard by
Yann Gor'dan

Here at Sparrho we create collections of pinboards to show how science affects all of us everyday.


Eating and drinking are essential, but when has that stopped humans enjoying things they have to do?

Essential sustenance and booze, or ambrosia and the nectar of the gods? Through time, mankind has survived through hunting and gathering, farming and fishing. Securing food and drink is still at the heart of what we do each do, and for those less fortunate, bread and water may be vital in seeing the next sunrise.

Beyond the essentials, mankind has for thousands of years, striven to improve the taste, texture and quality of the food and drink consumed. In differing proportions, the five taste sensations; sweet, sour, salt, bitterness and umami, provide wildly differing taste experiences.

How and why our food and drink vary so completely in taste, is due entirely to the chemical combinations present in the raw foods, and the methods of preparation that affect those chemicals through cooking and combining them.

We take a look at the science behind what makes great curries, fine wine, amazing coffee and sumptuous, addictive chocolate.