A pinboard by
Yann Gor'dan

Here at Sparrho we create collections of pinboards to show how science affects all of us everyday.


What to believe? Science tries to provide some answers, though science can be wrong too...

What to believe? The current furore around what constitutes the truth isn't some newly discovered or recently developed problem with society. Lies have been used across the generations, continents and cultures for influencing views and changing outcomes.

Explore the science of who and what to believe in the media, who to trust in society, how to detect liars and untruths, or understanding how lies can be socially acceptable.

Fake news, post-truth and alternative facts are simply the latest labels given to the lies that politicians, parents, criminals, business leaders, celebrities, journalists, professionals, children and everyone else not mentioned above have used to influence, for right or wrong, the way the world works for their or someone elses benefit.

What's perhaps surprising is that we've not had this debate before.