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samia Ikram

Assistant research Officer, horticultural Research Institute for floriculture and landscaping


its about runner production (Propagation material) in semi arid region of country

Frageria ananasa commonly known as Strawberry is a famous soft fruit of family Rosaceae. This famous soft fruit is propagated by means of runner that are sold to all parts of the country from Mangora, Swat Pakistan. Runner production is not seen in other parts of the country, addressing this issue present research trial was designed at Department of Horticulture Pir Mehar Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Gibberellic acid with 200ppm, 400ppm and chilling 40C were applied alone and in combination before flower initiation and it was recorded that when plants were applied GA3 @ 400 ppm the plants showed much better growth response in terms of plant height (25.337 cm), petiole length (22.60 cm), number of trusses (2.9), leaf area (139.86cm2), number of runners (20.55), runner number of leaves (7.44), runner canopy spread (30cm), leaf area of runner (80.33 cm2) and weight of mother runner (22.90 g) while chilling at 4oC proved better to produce maximum crown diameter (3.63 cm), number of leaves (15.44), fresh weight of leaves (48.17 g) and better canopy size (31.55 cm). It can be concluded from the above study that if strawberry plants are applied with Gibrellic Acid @ found concentration they can produce runners anywhere in the country which will reduce dependency on Mangora Swat region Pakistan.