I am a postdoc working at the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester under the supervision of Prof. Govind P. Agrawal. My job is to conduct theoretical and numerical investigations in the fields of nonlinear optics. Specifically, my research explores the interactions between nonlinear effects in fiber optics in order to develop new schemes for applications in the fields of telecommunications, optical metrology, and medical science, to mention a few examples. In particular, I'm investigating the nonlinear effects leading the generation of supercontinuum in active and in rare-earth doped optical fibers. The proposed schemes are significant from a practical standpoint because it is possible to achieve spectral broadening with low input power and without requiring modulation instability or soliton fission, as well as high spectral coherence, and the suppression of self-soliton frequency shift, to mention a few. The resulting special spectral characteristics are of many interests for a variety of unveiling applications. I have to highlight that my research involves mathematical modeling and the development of the simulation codes as well. All my research projects are destinated to be published in prestigious conferences and journals in the field of optics. I have attended the CLEO meeting the last May and I have an accepted talk to be presented at Frontiers in Optics next September. At FiO 2017 I will talk about the Raman shift suppression and fundamental soliton splitting in highly dependent nonlinear media. These effects are given by the doping of photonic crystal fibers with silver nanoparticles. In summary, my job is providing novel fundamental perspectives about solitons propagating and interactions between nonlinear effects in special fibers. It also points to potential applications because each input pulse undergoes rich evolution dynamics in these materials.