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Patience Hlupo

A Banking and Finance lecturer at the Women's University in Africa.

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The study examined sustainability of rural finance services in Mkhoka village in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

The study examined sustainability of rural finance services in Mkhoka village of Matobo North district in Bulawayo South, Zimbabwe. It investigated sustainability of financial institutions, infrastructure and economic activities. A sample from financial services providers and Mkhoka villagers provided data for the study. Questionnaires, personal interviews and observations were employed as tools for data collection. Phenomenology, positivism and interpretivism were married within a descriptive analytical approach. Results reveal that there is no sustainability in the provision of financial services in Mkhoka village owing to multi-dimensional constraints faced by both financial institutions and customers. These include inter-alia, poor roads, high operating costs, lack of electricity, inadequate water facilities due to continuous drought, very few economic activities, high default rates, high interest rates, stringent loan terms and tight repayment schedules. The study propose interventions that foster sustainability in rural finance in the village as comprising engagement of all stakeholders in a coordinated approach to address the highlighted constraints. Empirical experiences of other countries were also used to draw important lessons that can be experimented with in ensuring sustainability of rural finance in Mkhoka.