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adedokun busola

Lecturer II,Rufus Giwa Polythecnic Owo, Nigeria



inland waters are one of the most attractive areas of the world, where land, sea and air interact, leading to highly complex dynamic processes. The use of the inland waterway for navigation, wildlife and ecotourism resulted in their ever-increasing development. Inland waterways are the most common destination which brings in economic growth but implies additional urban development and increases the need for resources and services. The strategic location of inland waterways for instance, facilitates transportation and the development of related activities, but this requires the existence of large ports, with the corresponding increase in maritime and road traffic with all its inherent negative effects. The above-mentioned activities and others common to inland waterways require the development of well-planned and managed urban environments, not only for reasons of efficiency and economics, but also to avoid inflicting environmental degradation that causes the deterioration of quality of life and human health.