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Amit kumar Singh

Senior research Scholar, Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi


Health implications of fluoride contamination in groundwater

I am working on the fluoride contamination in groundwater in sonbhadra district uttar pradesh, india.the part of the distict is higly affected with fluorosis it is due to the fluoride contamination in drinking water.the origin of the contamination is geogenic in nature becuse the aquifer bearing rock having the source of fluoride which Leaches out in groundwater.the native people drinks water which is the prime cause of the fluorosis.inhabitants of the region are severely affected with it.some parts of the region having 9 to 10 mg/liter fluoride concentration in groundwater. we know as per WHO permissible limit fluoride concentration in potable water is 1.5mg/liter which is too less than the acutal concentration present in groundwater of the region.

The people living in this part have been chronically exposed to fluoride contaminated groundwater.urinary fluoride concentration is well established indicator of fluoride intake by individual.in that context i estimate fluoride concentration in urine and blood sample of affected person. Apart from that i do geochemical and geospatial modelling of ground water to understand which process is taking place underneath and upto what extent it affects. To contend the situation, villagers need fluoride safe water and last but not least education and awareness of health hazard about fluoride toxicity are required.