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Maury Shenk

I am a dealmaker, investor, director and legal advisor, focusing on technology, green business and China.

I am very interested in use of artificial and machine intelligence to solve business problems. I have invested in five UK start-ups that broadly fit this model: Sparrho, Qlearsite, CognitionX, Lexoo and Contego. I write novels about international dealmaking under the pen name David Zen. I am an enthusiastic sailor, husband and father.


Challenges to digital encryption from quantum computing, and potential solutions

Quantum computing may pose substantial challenges to the security of digital cryptography using public key encryption, primarily because Shor's algorithm (and possibly other methods) running on a sufficiently advanced quantum computer can theoretically solve the "hard problems" on which many public key cryptography are based (e.g. integer factorization, discrete logarithms in a finite field or over an elliptic curve) much faster than a digital computer can do so. There are also some theoretical speed-ups by quantum computing to "brute force" attacks on symmetric and hash algorithms.

This pinboard explores those threats and attacks, and the digital encryption methods that are resistant to them.

I am leading a report on these issues as part of the Distributed Futures project (http://www.longfinance.net/programmes/distributed-futures-menu.html).