A pinboard by
Deepika Choudhary

Post Doc Fellow, The NorthCap University, Gurugram, Haryana, India


Nanostructured thin films of chalcogenides have witnessed great attention due to their extra-ordinary properties compared to bulk materials.. They show significant changes in the optical and electrical properties on reduction of size below excitonic size. These interesting properties have led their applications in nanoelectronic devices, optical memory devices, fabrication of nanomemories etc. Nanostrutured glasses have reduced density i.e less nearest neighbors therefore, they possess entirely different structure than that of bulk materials of same composition. My research work is based on optical and electrical properties nanostructured Se-Te based glasses. It is found that electrical conductivity improves on nanostructure formation. Beside this, it was also found that optical band gap of sample also decreases for theses samples on nanostructure formation, which enable their applications in opto-electronic devices.