A pinboard by
Hassan Saeed

Master Student , Alexandria University


Increasing the performance of Savonius turbine by using a novel blades which it designed by us.

The growing of energy nowadays is very notable particular which cares about the alternative energy when it comparing with the consuming one such as, fuels etc. Wind energy has the most common because it doesn’t have the effects of the burning results in our society which the fossil fuels have. Many Modifications have been studied in Savonius wind turbines (vertical axis wind turbine) particular in the blade shape to improve the power efficiency. The rotor blade modifications in this research numerically by using Ansys software and investigated by two ways which begging with three choices of combining blades between conventional and elliptical curves where the power efficiency increasing 5.41 %, 2.89 % and 5.47 % for those three blades, the other way it’s the blades created by using Fluent Adjoint solver where call it Adjoint blades and the percentage of increasing reached 14.7%, finely the efficiency rise up to 35.9% by a novel blade and it designed by modified the Adjoint blades. Moreover, the influence of shaft, overlap ration, and blades number carried out.