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Effectiveness of a teaching program to increase maternal competence of Nigerian mothers

EFFECTIVENESS OF NEW BORN CARE PROGRAMME ON PERCEIVED MATERNAL COMPETENCE AND SATISFACTION OF NIGERIAN MOTHERS. New born has various needs as frequent feeding, bathing, provision of warmth, umbilical cord care, protection etc. Adequate care for them depends on the mother’s awareness, attitude and skill. Thus maternal competence is vital. This calls for a new born care teaching programme to increase maternal competence on new born care.
The objectives of this research are: To determine the effect of new born care programme on maternal competence and find associations between the maternal competence and selected demographic profiles among antenatal mothers. Participants were 80 pregnant mothers attending antenatal clinic who were recruited based on inclusion criteria. Research Method: - Knowledge – to – action process was used. The intervention was a new born care programme that was administered using audio-visual teaching. The experimental group (N=40) received the new born care programme. The comparison group (N=40) did not receive any. Outcomes were measured with the Parenting Sense of Competence scale at baseline and post intervention at 2 days after delivery. The result showed that mothers who received new born care program had significant improvement in the maternal competence from low (pretest) to high (post test) in satisfaction ratings. There was a significant difference (p = 0.0397, t = -2.453) in the level of maternal competence between the study and comparison group after the new born care programme at satisfaction rating. Relationship was established (P<0.05) between the level of maternal and age (x2= 8.95, p= 0.014) and parity (x2=6.85, p = 0.0325) only but not with education, employment and family support. In conclusion, the new born care program was effective in improving the maternal competence of antenatal mothers. Mother’s age and parity were identified to influence maternal competence while education, employment and family support were not significantly related to maternal competence.

This new born care Programme increased the knowledge of essential newborn care among antenatal mothers involved in this study. The findings of study will contribute towards more effective planning to promote maternal competence and satisfaction on the care of the newborn at the local, national and international levels.