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Pratik Kakade

Ph.D Research Fellow, Institute of chemical technology, Mumbai


To overcome current problems related with solubility by industrial scalable technology

Aim: The aim of the current project is to develop nanosized formulation by statistical tool i.e. Quality by design approach which overcomes problems associated with solubility and permeability for opthalmic formulation or dosage forms. Background:- As per current scenario and literature survey there is need to develop technology which whould be easy to formulate, stable and must have translational potential. Current marketed formulation have problems associated with disease curation and frequent dose regiment because of its size related problems and draining out formulation from eye (lacrimal fluid drain- causes very less contact time). Strategy:- So, With the use of stastical design, we can find stable, scalabe formulation and this would be easily scalable for large scale manufacturing. The developed formulation is safe and stable for human use which will be analysed by its physico-chemical characterization (Size, Shape, PDI, Zeta potential values, Viscosity, pH, Osmolarity, Contact time), its In-Vivo as well as In-Vitro analysis and stability studies as per standard ICH guildines.

Potential Outcomes:

1) Present research study will be a platform technology for the BCS class II & BCS class IV drugs for improving its solubility as well as permeability.

2) The present research work will give or yield stable, scalable ophthalmic nano-formulation.

3) Stastical tool gives a optimal, effective and practically feasible work domain with high translational potential.

4) This would be a good approach for the development of nano-opthalmic formulation by using PATENT-NON-INFRINGING methodology.

5) All above tools will help intellectual property rights and in related publication domain.