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Born into a family of illiterate parents. Hard work made me to become first PhD holder in my town.

My both parent never had the opportunity of attending any formal education. My father was challenged by what the situation he found himself when his first wife was snatched from him because of lack of education. he vowed then that he must produced a graduate in his family. though a poor cocoa farmer, he usually borrowed money with interest in other to pay my school fees and accommodation rates. Each time he narrates this story with me trying to motivate me to be focus and achieve good result, I always assure him never to let him down. I was able to fulfill my promised in grand style. Firstly, I graduated with First Class B.Sc. result in Computer Science, the first person to achieve this feat in my community till date. Also, followed my academic career without looking at back as I was the first Ph.D. holder in my community . Thereby, making my parents proud despite the earlier humiliation in life because of lack of education. Also very interesting to note is that my parents can boast of three male graduates and still counting. Because of good result, I was offered a lecturing job beyond the expectation of my family. it is also interesting to note that my final cumulative grade point in all my degrees is always above 4.5 at the scale of 5.0 from B.Sc. to Ph.D. No wonder students watch with dismay each time I mount the podium to take them on any course. My prospect in academic career is to carry out a research that will be ground breaking. This will enable to prove to the society that even poverty is not a barrier to achievement. One challenge I am now having is the deadly disease called stroke that has killed many of relatives. When I lost my uncle to stroke in the year 2010 because of the poor manner the doctors handled him, I vowed to bring my specialization into medicine to see how to effect of stroke in developing country like Nigeria can be reduced. That is why in my Ph.D. work I delved into using brain signals to diagnosed and treat the stroke disease. My long term prospect is to come up with a dedicated machine for diagnosing only stroke disease. Though my father who did not attend any formal school did not know the wave his son is making in academic profession, I am proud that his dream has come to reality and even more that he desired.