Ph.D. Student, Karolinska Institutet


Mass spectrometry-based proteomics for cancer drug target discovery and deconvolution

There is an unmet need for discovery of chemical compounds which can treat and eradicate different types of cancer. Although many compounds show anticancer properties, due to the lack of information on their mechanism of action in human cells, they can not be optimized for clinical use. Therefore, development of new tools for identification of the mechanism of such molecules is necessary and can help scientists optimize them for testing on animals and eventually humans. In my research, I am employing cutting edge mass spectrometers which can detect and quantify 5--10000 proteins in parallel from human cancer cells. In the next step, I am working with advanced bioinformatic tools and models, which can predict the mechanism of the desired compound. So far, I have the data for at least 80 compounds, and we have built more than 100 statistical models to classify them and to characterize their mechanisms. These models can facilitate the discovery of new anticancer compounds in future.