PhD student, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


Computational and mathematical techniques to biological research.

I am currently working towards a PhD. in Computational Neurophysiology at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay), Mumbai, India. I am interested in the application of computational and mathematical techniques to biological research. As the boundaries between various disciplines keep reducing, an interdisciplinary approach seems to be the key to understanding our most challenging problems. My PhD thesis is concerned with developing mathematical models for spike generation in excitatory cells like detrusor smooth muscle and neuronal cells. Some partial results of my research are published in two journals and five conference proceedings. All final research results are documented for submission in two journal papers. My modeling approaches are related to ion channels, calcium dynamics and neurotransmitter releasing profile in cellular level. As the generation of action potential is essential in all excitable cells, I am extending my modeling skills into multi-compartmental model of sub thalamic neuronal cells with respect to neurodegenerative diseases. Describing systems in a quantitative manner means their behavior can be better simulated, and hence properties can be predicted that might not be evident to the experimenter.