Ph.D(Science), Jadavpur University


We introduced a series of new energy sources of the Gaussian type group SU(6), SU(12),....etc.

The human brain and its mental aspects are associated with classical brain physiology and are also part of a quantum physical universe. We consider the whole universe being multi-dimensional. We consider the universe having (4+D)–dimensional Friedmann–Robertson–Walker type universe having complex scale factor R + iRI , where R is the scale factor corresponding to the usual 4–dimensional Universe while iRI is that of D–dimensional space-time. It was shown mathematically that when D = 6 (i.e. 4 + 6 = 10- dimensions), RI = R and then real/physical universe actually starts. With respect to the quantum theory, it was shown that our universe started with the symmetry breaking of the Gaussian energy group SU(11). We may consider that the extra-dimensions ‘D’ are associated with a mental or that of the individual mind is (partly) an expression of a universal mind through holonomic communication with quantum fields. This was proposed by the Pribram 1986, 2011, in his holographic (holonomic) theories. The human brain conceived as an interfacing organ that not only produces mind and consciousness but also receives information. The brain or parts of the brain are conceived as an interference hologram of incoming data and already existing data (a “personal universe”) which equivalent to the subject’s memory. If properly exposed (“analyzed”), information about the outer world can be distilled where “analyzer” is cerebral electrophysiology. Again “Bohm” hypothesized that additional dimensions (i.e. extra-dimensions) are necessary to describe QM interference processes, thereby circumventing probabilistic theories and consciousness-induced collapse of the wave function. According to this theory, assumed that the universe is a giant superposition of waves, representing an unbroken wholeness, of which the human brain is a part (Bohm, 1990). In quantum theories of consciousness, it is suggested that consciousness is such a fundamental property. It was shown in my previous article(2012) that the energy densities of the two phases are directly proportional [i.e. ઽ૚(t)  (t)] which indicates that the large or small matter energy density in the vapor phase (so called nothing) changes to the large or small matter energy density in the liquid phase (Einstein’s 4-dimensional universe) and hence it is found, an important fact, that the existence of discrete structure in the universe, ranging from galaxies to superclusters.