Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Characterization of materials in the RF and microwave frequency range is required for a variety of applications ranging from communication devices, high speed circuits, solid-state physics and several other fields of science and engineering. In recent years, the increasing requirements for the development of high-frequency circuits and systems including usage of functional materials for various strategic applications require a complete understanding of the properties of materials at desired microwave frequencies. All these aspects make the characterization of materials properties an important field in microwave electronics. Material characterization at microwave frequency can be broadly classified into two categories: resonant and non-resonant methods. Many sensors have been proposed till date for characterizing materials in microwave frequency range. Traditionally, waveguide, dielectric, and coaxial cavity resonators have been used for characterizing materials in the broad frequency range. My research area includes designing resonant sensors which find their applications in the field of characterization of materials (determining permittivity and permeability) with the help of resonant frequency and quality factor of the sensor. Also, to design low cost full fledged system for characterisation.