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Senior Research Scholar, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati


Novel polycyclic imidazole were prepared readily from the reaction of 2-hydroxy-C-nitroso compounds

The imidazole core is one of the most common moiety present in a large number of natural products, particularly in bioactive molecules. Various strategies have been developed for the synthesis of imidazole moiety. , , However, the existing methods using metals and oxidants have significant limitations due to involvement of sensitive reaction conditions and production of toxic by-products. We have developed an efficient and simple method for the synthesis of imidazole derivatives via direct C–H functionalization of saturated N-heterocycles without aid of a metallic reagent/catalyst and an external oxidant. A wide range of substituted nitroso-naphthols on reaction with N-heterocycles provided a facile excess to biologically relevant and structurally novel polycyclic imidazoles. Moreover, the same reaction conditions were observed to be effective for the primary amines also. Apart from the nitroso-naphthols, the reaction also proceeded well with other 2-OH-nitroso compounds derived from of Phenanthroline, Dimedone and Coumarin.