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Postgraduate Student, University of Ibadan, Ibadan , Nigeria


Mathematical Modeling on the Dynamical Interaction of Leptospirosis Disease

Epidemiology is the branch of medicine which deals with the incidences, distribution, and possible control of disease and other factors relating to health in a population. Epidemiologists are more interested in features that determine patterns of disease and its transmission. One of the primary reasons for studying infectious diseases is to improve control and ultimately to eradicate the infection from the population. Mathematical Models can be a powerful tool in this approach, allowing us to optimize the use of limited resources or simply to target control measures more efficiently. Several forms of control measures exit; all operate by reducing the average amount of transmission between infectious and susceptible individuals. Which control strategy (or mixture of strategies) is used will depend on the disease, the hosts, and the scale of the epidemic. Leptospirosis is one of the most common and widespread zoonotic infections in the world and is recognized as a neglected disease by the World Health Organization. It particularly occurs in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions which favours environmental survival and transmission of the pathogen. It is majorly a rodent-born disease. I am currently researching on the Dynamical Interaction of Leptospirosis in the field of Epidemiology using Mathematical Model approach. Leptospirosis has been a very difficult disease to contain in different countries, especially Thailand, Indonesia, Tanzania and Kenya. In fact, in my home country, Nigeria which is the most popular in Africa, Leptospirosis has been discovered recently. Should this disease not be charged on time, the disastrous effect it surely will have on the citizenry is unimaginable. This research encapsulate some of the pertinent aspects of leptospirosis that are particularly important to the development and use of epidemiology model, keenly focusing on the basic disease progression in humans the demographics of leptospirosis, and efforts at control the infection. This research will proffer some workable solutions to stopping the spreading of leptospirosis.