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Adetayo Olorunlana

Lecturer, Igbinedion University Okada


Nursing process is a means to patient health, but Majority of nurses lack this knowledge.

My research area is sociology, which primarily is the study of society and its social environment. It could be view as human social engineering. This relates to human behaviour and how such behaviour had imparted others either positively or negatively. Take, for example, the user of communication technology, if extraneous news such as shock, fear, treat, or news of the lost of a loved one is passed, the receiver of the news respond to such stimuli, in a sorrowful mood, even though the person passing across the news are far apart. In other hands, if it was a good new relating promotion, award, success in an interview, there is also a bodily message based on such social human interaction. This basic assumption, could be applicable to other social behiour.