Ph.D, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India


My main work is Investigate the transport properties(Hall Effect, Resistivity etc.)in Heusler alloys

Currently spintronics and magnetocaloric effect are one of most emerging fields in condensed matter physics. The spintronic properties of the materials are not only due to the electron charge but it is combined effect of charge and spin of an electron and this offers opportunities for a new generation of devices. So the combination of conventional electronics with spin-dependent effects that arise from the interaction between spin and other properties of the materials are of typical use in spintronics [1]. Spintronic is the manipulation and control of the spin of the electrons in solid state physics. There are many good materials theoretically and experimentally reported for spintronics devices application point of view, but to optimize the spintronic devices fully spin polarized materials are required. According to this requirement there are half metallic ferromagnetic (HMF) materials, which have 100% spin polarization in principle. HMF materials possess a conducting channel for one spin and a spin-semiconducting band gap [2]. HMF materials are good for spin injection and spin polarization with high efficiency and thus maximizing the efficiency of spintronics devices. HMF behavior has been found in several types of materials such as magnetic oxides; dilute magnetic semiconductors, perovskites, double perovskites and Heusler alloys. Among these materials, Heusler alloys have a special place due to their higher Curie temperatures (TC) and tunable electronic structure. The magnetocaloric effect (MCE)is one of the hot area to do research, due to use these type materials as a cooling purpose. MCE is basically is a magneto-thermodynamic phenomenon in which a temperature change of a suitable material is caused by exposing the material to a external magnetic field. These type materials can be used as cooling purpose, because of their durability and environment friendly nature. Some Heusler compounds, oxides materials etc. have good MCE value. So Heusler alloys are also promising for cooling purpose.