A pinboard by
Nilanjana Sanyal

Published Author/Peace Advocate/Thinker (Differently Able), University of Delhi, INDIA


I'm trying to investigate the root causes of violence (hunger, inequality etc) in a polarised world.

It is inconceivable that any lasting peace in our world can be achieved when millions die yearly from hunger, starvation and other preventable causes. This is according to John Pilger "the true terrorism of our times". This is the 'Silent Holocaust'. More powerful than the Katrina and the Tsunami. Peace is thus NOT simply the absence of war/conflict. There are deeper causes. This explains why even 1st world nations live in complete insecurity. We must investigate these non-conventional causes of war/conflict in our contemporary era.

A new world is emerging. This brave new world calls for a universal love, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion and a humanitarianism, all in equal measure. There is now more demand for equality than ever before. And it becomes all the more imperative that we the 'peace loving nations' of the world should facilitate the achievement of a more egalitarian global order.

Until we address the root causes of violence in our (meaning, global) society, (and this means addressing child malnutrition, hunger and preventable illnesses; ensuring a safer world for our women; sustainable livelihoods for our poor populations who often have no other means of sustenance; addressing the basic needs of the poor (shelter, health, sanitation and hygiene) and endeavouring to build up a global knowledge economy (build up literacy and education) and working to erase every darkness in the lives of the world's vulnerable populations, and ensuring that our children (our future generations) are well-protected and their rights and welfare and well-being taken care of), we cannot dream of the progress of nations.

These are only the views of an alternative thinker. Yet, there is every reason you might say 'I'm a dreamer', but I'm most certainly not the only one. I do sincerely hope that my dreams of a more peaceful world will one day become a reality!