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Kingshuk Dutta

Graduate Student, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Templated Self-Assembly of Covalent Polymer Network for Traceless Intracellular Protein Delivery

Protein therapeutics offer significant advantages over small molecule drugs due to their intrinsic specificity and low immunogenicity. Demanding physicochemical property and low bioavailability of protein drugs call for appropriate delivery vehicles with superior shielding of payload from denaturing environment. Herein, we report on a reversible protein conjugation strategy for effective shielding of the payload and functional cytosolic delivery thereof. Exploiting the redox-inducible self-immolative backbone structure of our newly designed polymer, the protein cargo is conjugated through its surface exposed lysine residues. This efficient “shrink-wrapping” strategy ultimately leads to ‘traceless’ release of the protein through thiol-disulfide reshuffling. Functional and reversible delivery of proteins with a wide range of molecular weight and charge distribution demonstrated the versatility of the strategy. Together, this new strategy provides a simple and robust delivery platform potentially applicable to a broad range of proteins and might help design the next generation therapeutics.