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Barilee Baridam

PhD Student, University of KwaZulu-Natal


Enhancement of security using face detection software

Security is a concern worldwide. To this end, researchers have devoted much time to develop systems to aid in tackling this challenge. The proposed system employs a combination of algorithms to detect intruders using special characteristics of the human face. It also intelligently detects the age of the intruder and captures the emotional composure of the intruder.

The research has three stages such as: (a) face detection, (b) feature extraction and (c) facial expression recognition. The first phase i.e. face detection involves skin color detection using RGB (Red, green and Blue) color model, lighting compensation for getting the human face, and also for retaining the required face portion. The output of the first phase captures the facial features like eyes, nose, and mouth using AAM (Active Appearance Model) method.

The second phase has to do with feature extraction. This involves the extraction of special facial features that are unique to individuals. It includes the dimension of the eye-socket measuring from the nose portion to the other extreme, the mouth positioning, and the length and breadth of the nose.

The third phase detects the emotional composure of the individual using the mouth and the eyes.


Face detection of ubiquitous surveillance images for biometric security from an image enhancement perspective

Abstract: Security methods based on biometrics have been gaining importance increasingly in the last few years due to recent advances in biometrics technology and its reliability and efficiency in real world applications. Also, several major security disasters that occurred in the last decade have given a new momentum to this research area. The successful development of biometric security applications cannot only minimise such threats but may also help in preventing them from happening on a global scale. Biometric security methods take into account humans’ unique physical or behavioural traits that help to identify them based on their intrinsic characteristics. However, there are a number of issues related to biometric security, in particular with regard to the poor visibility of the images produced by surveillance cameras that need to be addressed. In this paper, we address this issue by proposing an integrated image enhancement approach for face detection. The proposed approach is based on contrast enhancement and colour balancing methods. The contrast enhancement method is used to improve the contrast, while the colour balancing method helps to achieve a balanced colour. Importantly, in the colour balancing method, a new process for colour cast adjustment is introduced which relies on statistical calculation. It can adjust the colour cast and maintain the luminance of the whole image at the same level. We evaluate the performance of the proposed approach by applying three face detection methods (skin colour based face detection, feature based face detection and image based face detection) to surveillance images before and after enhancement using the proposed approach. The results show a significant improvement in face detection when the proposed approach was applied.

Pub.: 30 May '12, Pinned: 17 Nov '17