Researcher, Incheon National University


The integrated approach to manage the industrial pollutants for justifiable Polluters Pay Principle

The major objective of this study is to analyze an integrated impact on environment of medium (air and water) in accordance with an operation of an industrial facility and production activities. Currently, there is no proper integrated industrial environment management system due to lack of assessment of integrated medium based actual impact of emission. This study has focused on integrating the environmental impact of medium-based pollution using TRACI. This can be applicable to categorize the industries as per their actual adverse impact to environment and health. Therefore, it is helpful to enforce actual levy based on impact extent of pollutants to the industrial facilities. It is also useful to make the revision of current pollutant tax rate calculation, which is merely based on the amount of pollutant released. The EPS results can be used to compare with the existing industrial categorization based on SSP and LLS enforcement system. This recommend approach is helpful to enforce the justifiable “Polluters’ Pay Principle” which motivate the industrial community to explore the green technology of less polluting to reduce associated risk. It can help not only to reduce the volume of pollutants released by industrial facilities but also contraction in hazardous pollutants that forced to environment and human health. Finally, this approach will help to balance among the industrial development, environment and human health.