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Shuai Zhang

PhD , University of Cambridge


What are the difficulties that engineers experience in searching for required information?

I am working on the reuse and management of design information. Design can be viewed as an information-rich process, translating technical requirements into product specifications. Studies show that engineers spend significant time on acquiring information throughout this process. To better understand what difficulties designers encounter in information-seeking activities, studies with professional practitioners were conducted to investigate their level of satisfaction with existing search methods/tools. Issues with information searches were identified in the areas of retrieval systems and human sources. Preliminary results show that engineers need assistance to formulate the right questions to ask when conducting information queries, and b) they wish to have systems that can better understand their information needs.


Ontologies for the representation of electronic medical records: The obstetric and neonatal ontology

Abstract: Ontology is an interdisciplinary field that involves both the use of philosophical principles and the development of computational artifacts. As artifacts, ontologies can have diverse applications in knowledge management, information retrieval, and information systems, to mention a few. They have been largely applied to organize information in complex fields like Biomedicine. In this article, we present the OntoNeo Ontology, an initiative to build a formal ontology in the obstetrics and neonatal domain. OntoNeo is a resource that has been designed to serve as a comprehensive infrastructure providing scientific research and healthcare professionals with access to relevant information. The goal of OntoNeo is twofold: (a) to organize specialized medical knowledge, and (b) to provide a potential consensual representation of the medical information found in electronic health records and medical information systems. To describe our initiative, we first provide background information about distinct theories underlying ontology, top-level computational ontologies and their applications in Biomedicine. Then, we present the methodology employed in the development of OntoNeo and the results obtained to date. Finally, we discuss the applicability of OntoNeo by presenting a proof of concept that illustrates its potential usefulness in the realm of healthcare information systems.

Pub.: 22 Jun '17, Pinned: 29 Jun '17