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my reserach is about to see whether dividend policy has impact or not on stock prices in pakistan

Management science is different from natural science in the sense that it has multiple views on particular subject or point because judgment, perception and observation of individual vary from one to another. Dividend policy is one of the topics which are very much debated since many decades but some circumstances and facts entangling the topic.When companies earn profit they have two options either to pay dividend or retain the amount for their future project needs. Now the puzzle is, whether to pay dividend or not? If yes, then how much dividend is to pay? Companies pay dividend for purpose to satisfy the shareholders but at the same time they will have to borrow money from outside to fulfill their future projects needs. Dividend policy has also serious impact on other decisions like investment and financing, so the optimum dividend policy will expand the abundance of shareholders who are keen to get dividend and capital gain at the same time There are numerous reasons to study dividend policy in Pakistan.Much work has been done so far round the world, but very nominal work has been done in Pakistan regarding dividend policy, consequently need arises of comprehensive examination of the impact of dividend policy on the market prices of shares in Pakistan