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Alex Rodriguez

Post Doc Fellow, BC Cancer Agency/Deeley Research Centre


Ovarian cancer immunotherapy

Immunotherapy has revolutionized the clinical management and treatment of a wide array of malignancies. This therapy is based on the ability of the immune system to identify and destroy tumor cells, playing a key role in the defense against cancer. However, the success of tumor immunotherapy is hindered by the ability of tumors to elicit a plethora of immunosuppressive strategies, including the capacity to dampen the tumor infiltration of lymphocytes. In support of this idea, a growing body of evidences indicates a correlation between clinical responses to immunotherapies and a pre-existing T cells infiltrated micro-environment. My research is focused on describe the molecular mechanism of T cells exclusion in High-grade serous carcinoma (HGSC), the most common and fatal type of ovarian cancer. I am undertaking my studies comparing different subtypes of HGSC that were previously identified and are characterized by diverse levels of lymphocytes infiltration. The results of this investigation will shed further lights on the immune escape strategies mediated by ovarian tumor cells and will be crucial for the development of novel treatments to increase the number of patients benefiting from immunotherapy.