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Adugna Kassa

Lecturer, clinician and researcher, Addis Ababa University


Neurosurgery is a surgical procedure performed on either the brain or spinal cord. hemodynamic and airway pressures changes are among the commonest intraoperative complications of this procedure. Our study aimed at identifying the common risk factors for these complications. We conducted an institutional based cross sectional study was conducted in two an Ethiopian specialized teaching hospitals. Four hundred and sixteen patients who underwent neurosurgery were included in the study.

The magnitude of intraoperative hypotension was 29.3% (95% CI: 22%-35%). Peak airway pressure and mean airway pressures increased significantly while the patient assumes prone position. high intraoperative blood loss, Preoperative Phenytoin medication adminstration and specific types of neurosurgery had significant association with an intraoperative hypotension. therefore, an early anticipation and prevention of intraoperative hypotension in patients who are taking phenytoin medication and with increased risk of blood loss can reduce these perioperative complications.